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SUBSCRIPTION FOR Beauty Bank of Dothan

The Beauty Bank helps you budget for your beauty needs. By depositing a set amount each month, you can avoid the sticker shock when you make larger purchases such as Botox or dermal filler.

SUBSCRIPTION FOR Beauty Bank of Dothan

● One Free Facial● Free Roadmap to a More Beautiful You● Consultation & Treatment Plan● $50 Off Dermal Fillers● 10% Off Products● Exclusive VIP Monthly Specials

Starting with the Gold Savings Plan at $89/mos.…

● ALL savings go to any aesthetic procedure! NO extra service fees! NO added Injection fees!● Lock in the lowest Botox and Xeomin prices in the Wiregrass area!● $50 off every syringe of any dermal filler!● 10% off all beauty products and nutraceuticals!● Ask about our Platinum Plus and Diamond Concierge plans for unbelievable savings, because the more you choose to save, the bigger the discounts!!!!

Platinum Plus Program

● $189/mos.● Lock in affordable Botox and Xeomin.● $60 off any and all syringes of dermal fillers● 15% off all beauty products and nutraceuticals!

Diamond Concierge Program

● $1189/mos., (20% off if the year is paid for in advance)● $5.99/unit Botox and $4.99/unit Xeomin● $100 off any syringe of dermal fillers. Every time!● 25% off all beauty products and nutraceuticals
All aesthetic procedures are included (not including disposables cost)Choose 2 procedures per week, every week for a year!!Includes Facials, Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion and Microneedling
ALL machine-based therapies, including High frequency Ultrasound Skin tightening, Radiofrequency skin and body contouring, Cryo/Cool based contour slimming, Lasers for hair removal, Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) for age spot lightening, and Vasculase for spider vein reduction.
All physician-based medical procedures, including PDO thread lifts and BioTe bioidentical hormone pellet insertion, are 40% off regular prices.
This program is valued at over $60,000 a year!
**Restrictions apply- this program is a yearlong commitment to enable use of all services. Early termination requires payment for all services provided up to the time of termination, not to exceed the yearly cost of the Diamond Concierge program**


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do the gold and platinum programs cost?

    THEY ARE FREE! No injection fees are ever charged. You make a monthly deposit into the Beauty Bank and apply it to your services and products when you come in for your treatments.

  • What can I use it on?

    Your Beauty Bank funds can be used on any service and/or products we offer at the South Eastern Institute of Restorative Medicine.

  • What are the benefits of joining?

    So many! The Beauty Bank helps you budget for your beauty needs. By depositing a set amount each month, you can avoid the sticker shock when you make larger purchases such as Botox or dermal filler. You also receive exclusive VIP specials each month just for being a Beauty Bank member. When you enroll, choose to receive either 10 free units of Botox or Xeomin, or a free facial with your new membership. Up to 15% off all beauty and nutritional products, up to $60 off each syringe of dermal filler, a free ‘Roadmap to a More Beautiful You’ consultation, a personalized treatment plan directed at your needs, and a free LIPO-C/B12 birthday booster!

  • Can I change my monthly deposit?

    Of course! Your personalized Beauty Bank consultation will help you determine the amount you should deposit each month to get the results you are looking for. If at any time you find you are depositing too much or too little, we are happy to change it for you. The minimum deposit is $89 per month.

  • What if my service price is more than the amount I have in the beauty bank?

    You will simply pay the difference at your appointment.

  • What if I can’t use it every month?

    Well, we will miss you, but you continue to make deposits, and your Beauty Bank will grow. Come in and use it whenever you wish.

  • Is this a finance program?

    We do offer Care Credit for the Diamond Concierge program. Dothan Beauty Bank is not a finance program.