Wrinkle Treatment

Gregory Thompson, DO, and the aesthetics team at Southeastern Institute for Restorative Medicine in Dothan, Alabama, specialize in wrinkle treatment and use advanced laser and radiofrequency aesthetic tools from InMode, a global leader in medical and aesthetic technology, to improve the look of your skin.

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Wrinkle Treatment Q & A

  • What causes wrinkles?

    As you get older, the production of collagen decreases, causing your skin to be less elastic and more fragile. The fat under your skin also diminishes, which means less support and more sagging.

    While your genetics may play a role in the development of wrinkles, there are outside factors that may accelerate the aging process, including the sun, smoking, and environmental pollutants.

    Southeastern Institute for Restorative Medicine offers non-surgical wrinkle treatment that can renew your skin, reduce the appearance of your lines and wrinkles, and restore your youthful look.

  • What is wrinkle treatment?

    The wrinkle treatment at Southeastern Institute for Restorative Medicine is an advanced laser, and radiofrequency aesthetic tool by InMode called Fractora. Your provider uses the aesthetic tool to treat many areas of your skin that fall victim to the aging process, including:
    ● Lower eyelid● Upper eyelid● Smile lines● Forehead wrinkles● Cheeks● Mouth● Neck
    This wrinkle treatment tool can also be used to treat areas of the body, as well as skin discoloration and acne scarring.
    In addition to wrinkle treatment with Fractora, Dr. Thompson and the team offer Botox®, PRP therapy, and microneedling to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles.

  • What can I expect during wrinkle treatment?

    Your wrinkle treatment takes place at the Southeastern Institute for Restorative Medicine office. The energy created by the advanced tool heats the deep layers of your skin to stimulate collagen production and improve the complexion and texture of your skin.

    To ease the discomfort during your wrinkle treatment, your provider may apply a numbing cream to your skin before they begin. The length of your session varies depending on the treatment area.

    You may experience some redness at the site of treatment for a day or two, and your provider may advise you to take it easy while your skin heals.

    They also recommend you apply a moisturizer to the treatment area and avoid direct sunlight during the healing process. Daily use of sunblock after your wrinkle treatment is also highly encouraged to protect your skin from the aging rays.

  • How long does it take to see results from wrinkle treatment?

    You may notice an improvement in your skin immediately following wrinkles and acne treatment, with continued improvements over the next two weeks. However, Southeastern Institute for Restorative Medicine may recommend a series of treatments for the best results.